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Our farm, Alcaidús, is situated between the towns of Mahón and Alaior.

The “lloc” or farm has 270 hectares and a long family history. We honour the island’s cheese-making tradition with a production of two million litres of milk a year and over 200,000 kilos of Mahón-Menorca DOP (PDO) cheese. This includes soft, semi-cured and cured cheeses made from both raw and pasteurised milk, which mature slowly on our premises.


The Alcaidús farm has been owned by the Seguí family for almost 100 years.

After a lot of hard work, today it is one of the largest and most specialised livestock farms in the Balearic Islands, producing two million litres of milk per year and also a Mahón-Menorca DOP (PDO) cheese renowned for its careful production and delicate taste.


The dairy herd at Alcaidús is of the Holstein Friesian breed. Our cattle graze freely on the farm and rest in semi-open “bouers” located next to the milking parlour and cheese factory.

In total, more than 270 hectares of pasture and facilities allow the cows to roam freely under the supervision of the experienced hands of a team of farmers who ensure their absolute well-being.


The Alcaidús cheese factory is housed on the farm itself, next to the milking parlour. Approximately 1,000 m2 with the most modern technology. Since our daily cheese production uses a freshly milked product in a fully airtight process, with no transport needs, we ensure maximum hygiene and quality of the end product.

We make our cheese in our own factory using pasteurised and raw milk, each piece matured on site under the optimum conditions. We ensure our produce is fully traceable, packaging and sending it from Alcaidús to its final destination daily.